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Sustainable communities

Many Australian cities have large urban footprints and are characterised by an unsustainable low density urban sprawl. This places demand on infrastructure and services, which contributes to the problems of land clearing, pollution, transport related emissions, energy consumption, invasive species, automobile dependency and urban heat islands. For this reason energy efficient and sustainable designed homes with long term viability are needed in future urban developments.

As a community-minded and community-driven organisation, Evolve Housing continues to be actively involved in housing projects and community initiatives that deliver sustainable designs and provide for long term viability.

Urban renewal projects

Evolve Housing plays a vital role in identifying locations that deliver against sustainable urban renewal projects. New housing development locations are chosen to ensure they are supported by efficient transport and a wide range of infratsructure such as community facilities and parks. Evolve Housing ensures housing designs provide functional longevity by being energy efficient, greener, accessible and adaptable, which is why numerous Evolve Housing developments have been awarded the highly acclaimed Platinum Livable Housing rating.