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About us

We exist to deliver housing solutions and services that empower people on their journey to greater independence.

Evolve Housing is one of the largest community housing providers in Australia. We provide housing assistance to eligible people on low incomes or who are unable to access appropriate housing in the private market. This includes social housing, affordable housing and supported housing.

We do more than simply provide accommodation. Evolve delivers support solutions that empower disadvantaged individuals to reach greater independence, and help communities thrive. Evolve recognises its responsibility in supplying fit-for-purpose social and affordable housing, with the aim of increasing housing supply to match the diverse mix of households around the country. 

Evolve Housing is one of Australia’s largest Community Housing Providers (CHPs), that owns or manages approximately 3020 social and affordable housing properties across 26 local government areas in NSW, with 60% in the high need area of Western Sydney, where the waiting time for social housing in some areas is 10+ years. 

Winner of the Australian Housing Institute NSW Community Housing provider of the year 2015 & 2016, Evolve works to deliver appropriate, accessible and affordable housing to areas of high need such as the disability sector, affordable housing and social housing.

We develop sustainable housing designs by being energy efficient, greener, accessible and adaptable. Our SAIF and RASAID developments awarded Livable Housing Platinum Level ComplianceLevel Compliance. 

At Evolve, we believe in everyone’s right to a home; somewhere people can feel safe and secure and engage with the community. We seek to reduce homelessness and housing stress and increase the well-being of Australians so they can live better lives, reach their full potential and contribute to and participate in their communities. 

We do this by providing:

  • Safe and secure housing for people experiencing homelessness or those on lower incomes experiencing housing stress
  • Support, opportunities and tools for residents to help maintain their tenancies, improve their well-being and their ability to participate within their community
  • Relevant opportunities to empower individuals, build their capabilities and provide pathways to greater independence
  • Quality, accessible, affordable housing developments that build strong, integrated and sustainable communities.

Homelessness and housing stress is a rapidly growing problem in Australia with over 105, 000 people homeless and over 16,000 of these are children. 


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