The Evolve Housing website has been designed with a focus on accessibility and ease of use for all users regardless of physical or cognitive ability. This website has features built into the site to ensure there are no barriers that prevent anyone from accessing our website or interacting with us.

The website incorporates changes to user experience with a more intuitive menu navigation and layout, a text size adjuster, a translate button (with more than 100 language options), and a high contrast tool.

Text Size Adjuster

At the top right of this website there is a toggle bar that enables users to adjust the font size of the written website content. The purpose of this tool is to provide a mechanism where users are able to increase the size of text on the page. If you do not have magnifying software on your computer, you’ll be able to use this toggle tool to adjust the font size to suit your needs.

High Contrast tool

We have also enabled a high contrast tool for colour contrast accessibility. This is also located on the top right side of our website.

Google Translate button

The official text of the Evolve Housing website, and of the documents available on our website, is the English version; however we understand that English may not be the preferred language for some users and because of this, we have included a Google Translate button on the website with access to over 100 language options.

At the top right of this website there is a bar that enables users to change the language of the written content on this site. The language translation service offered on the Evolve Housing website is powered by Google Translate*.

Translation of Key Policies

Resident data indicates that English, Vietnamese and Arabic are the most commonly spoken languages amongst our residents and we have identified and translated several key policies in Vietnamese and Arabic.

To see these policies please click here.

We are committed to working with culturally and linguistically diverse communities, providing understanding and equal opportunity to our residents, with equal access to community housing services and programs.


These features were designed specifically with Evolve Housing’s diverse tenant profile in mind, and aims to cater to people of all abilities and needs, allowing them equal access to information.

We are always looking for ways to update our website and make it more accessible for our clients. If you have any feedback or suggestions on how we can make our website more accessible for you please contact us today.


*Please be aware that machine translation tools such as Google Translate, may give different or inaccurate meanings to the text. For this reason, Evolve Housing cannot guarantee the accuracy, reliability, or correctness of any translations made. The official text of the Evolve Housing website, and of each of the documents and other information available on the website, is the English version. Any discrepancies or differences created by the automated translation of the original text are not binding on Evolve Housing. If you are unsure about whether translation is correct, please contact us.

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