Billbergia and Homes NSW Spearhead Sydney Housing Revolution: 1,300 New Dwellings by 2026 in partnership with Community Housing Providers

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In a bid to address the pressing housing shortage in Greater Sydney, renowned Australian developer Billbergia, in collaboration with Homes NSW, is poised to introduce 1,300 fresh residences to the urban landscape by 2026. This ambitious initiative aims to accommodate approximately 3,000 individuals, marking a significant step towards easing the housing crisis gripping the region.

With an impressive collective value exceeding $1.3 billion, the endeavor encompasses three groundbreaking mixed-tenure developments strategically situated at Lidcombe, West Ryde, and Arncliffe. Noteworthy is the fact that all three projects are meticulously crafted, financed, and executed by Billbergia on parcels of land provided by the New South Wales Government, strategically positioned near key transportation hubs.

Representing a pioneering solution to the persistent housing challenges, these mixed-tenure projects stem from a collaborative effort involving BillbergiaHomes NSW, and Community Housing Providers (CHPs) such as Evolve Housing Group and St George Community Housing (SGCH).

Rebecca Pinkstone, the inaugural Chief Executive of Homes NSW, shared her excitement at the collaborative effort to help address the crucial housing needs for Sydney; “These innovative partnerships with developers like Billbergia and Tier 1 community housing providers exemplify our commitment to addressing the critical shortage of housing across Greater Sydney.“In tackling the housing crisis head-on, projects like Lidcombe Rise, The Parade, and now Arncliffe Central mark significant progress and demonstrate our commitment to fostering vibrant, inclusive communities with accessible housing options for all.”

The successful completion of both Lidcombe and West Ryde developments within the past six months has already welcomed over 1,300 residents into their 526 newly established homes. These projects, which operate in partnership with Evolve Housing for tenancy management services, underscore the efficacy of such collaborative endeavors.

“The ability to deploy government land assets for redevelopment makes it uniquely feasible to deliver high-quality social, affordable, and private-market homes at scale, helping to address the housing shortage. Our partnerships with Homes NSW, Evolve Housing and St George Community Housing, allow us to redevelop government land into thriving and highly connected mixed-tenure communities,” said Rick Graf, Development Director at Billbergia.

Meanwhile, construction is well underway for the third collaborative endeavor, known as Arncliffe Central. This ambitious project, undertaken in conjunction with two CHPs, aims to introduce 804 contemporary apartments in Sydney’s inner south. Poised to become the largest mixed-tenure housing development to date, Arncliffe Central stands as a testament to the commitment towards addressing the housing crisis. Both Evolve and SGCH are actively involved in this landmark project.

Evolve Housing CEO Lyall Gorman weighed into the importance of the partnerships; “Our three major partnerships with Billbergia and Homes NSW have enabled us to take massive steps forward to addressing the shortages of Social and Affordable housing in the Sydney basin. Extraordinary teamwork has delivered extraordinary results.

“It’s allowed us to provide brand-new dwellings to people who, in some cases, have been waiting for years to access fit for purpose housing. It is rewarding to see so many people in homes that are secure and well-located, thanks to projects like these.”

“There has never been a greater need for more housing and Evolve Housing is committed to working together with Billbergia and Homes NSW towards providing high-quality community housing properties for those most in need,”

Of paramount importance is the emphasis on delivering diverse and affordable housing solutions. Notably, 41% of dwellings at Lidcombe Rise are designated for social and affordable housing, while 20% of The Parade at West Ryde is dedicated to social housing. Moreover, project partners are diligently working towards ensuring that nearly 75% of dwellings at Arncliffe cater to social, affordable, and essential worker rental housing, underscoring the commitment to fostering inclusive communities across Greater Sydney.

Greater Sydney is grappling with affordability challenges and a shortage of rental properties, so the emergence of mixed-tenure developments is seen as a pivotal solution to combat housing inequality.

“Billbergia are deeply committed to creating great places and diverse, thriving communities. That is why we are delighted to partner with them to deliver more diverse and affordable homes at Arncliffe Central.“As NSW’s largest tier one community housing provider, we embrace partnerships with trustworthy developers and builders to deliver more homes for more people in locations well serviced by public transport.”

Billbergia’s construction commencement on the landmark Arncliffe Central precinct comes on the back of the recent completion on its successful sell-out mixed-tenure projects in Lidcombe and West Ryde in partnership with Evolve Housing and Homes NSW. Private apartments rapidly sold off-the-plan within Lidcombe Rise and The Parade, with almost 90% sold to owner-occupiers – reflecting the strong market appetite for transport-oriented mixed-tenure developments.

Arncliffe Central takes shape adjacent to Arncliffe train station, heralding a transformative addition to the urban landscape. Designed by architectural firm Group GSA and comprising 804 apartments spread across four distinctive towers, the development stands poised to redefine communal living. Elevated atop a retail podium, it embraces a holistic approach to community integration, featuring a new public park, a childcare center, and a community center and library.

Central to its mission is the provision of social housing, with a landmark allocation of 196 dwellings dedicated to this cause. Moreover, pending additional support from government partners, Arncliffe Central aims to extend its impact by offering an additional 406 affordable and essential worker rental homes, cementing its commitment to fostering inclusive living environments in Greater Sydney.

Development Director at Billbergia Rick Graf concluded by stating; “deploying additional government land will allow these collaborations to accelerate mixed-tenure supply from a trickle to a torrent for the greater good of the NSW community. Our three case studies demonstrate the potential – but access to further government land remains urgent.”