Need to report a repair?

Evolve Housing is committed to maintaining a standard of housing that ensures our resident are comfortable in their homes; therefore property maintenance is always high on the agenda.

When you lodge a repair request through our repairs form online, the request is assessed by our team. Based on this assessment your repair will either be classed as priority, responsive or planned maintenance repairs. Please review our ‘Types of repairs’ list below before continuing.

If your repair is one of the following URGENT repairs please do not fill this form, but call us immediately on 1800 693 865. The repairs request form should be used for General Routine Maintenance requests only.

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    Types of repairs

    Evolve Housing is committed to maintaining a standard of housing that ensures our resident are comfortable in their homes; therefore property maintenance is always high on the agenda.

    Evolve Housing aims to provide prompt delivery of services. When you lodge a repair request via phone 1800 myevolve (1800 693 865) or through our repairs online form, the repair is assessed by our team. Based on this assessment your repair will either be classed as urgent, priority or responsive.

    Examples of urgent repairs include:

    • Fire damage
    • Broken security doors or external locks
    • Sewer overflowing into the house through the toilet or drain
    • Electrical danger such are exposed wires, water leaking through the lights or power points
    • Smashed windows
    • Roof damage that allows water to get into the property
    • Fire alarms not working
    • Waterlogged carpet

    Examples of priority repairs include:

    • No hot water
    • Minor leaks
    • Dripping taps
    • Toilets not flushing
    • Grab rails loose or falling off
    • Blocked drains or sinks causing water to back up

    Examples of responsive repairs include:

    • Broken clothes lines
    • Damage to walls or internal doors that do not pose a safety risk
    • Loose or broken cupboard hinges
    • Damaged blinds
    • No TV reception or broken aerials
    • Gutters blocked with overflowing leaves to some properties.
    • Graffiti on external walls
    • Torn fly screen

    All properties need ongoing maintenance, and we have a planned maintenance program to keep our properties safe and secure. Planned maintenance, or cyclical maintenance, includes repairs and replacements  that we can predict and plan  to ensure properties remain fit-for-purpose for as long as possible.. This includes work such as painting, replacing carpets, bathroom renovations and more, carried out within planned time frames. We appreciate your support when we need to undertake planned works.

    When we schedule maintenance works on complexes, we take into consideration all existing fire preventive measures that are in place so that any planned maintenance works will not jeopardise or breach any of these fire measures.

    How do I follow up with a repair?

    When you take the time to log a maintenance request it’s good to know it’s been received and recorded. From now on, when you email or contact us to request a repair, when  the maintenance request is dispatched to the contractor, you will receive an SMS confirmation with a work order reference number and the estimated completion date.

    If you would like to follow up on a repair, give 1800 MYEVOLVE (1800 693 865) a call, and quote your reference number. To ensure you receive the SMS confirmation, please check with the team that your mobile number is correct, next time you speak to us.

    Maintenance we don't do

    Although we will make every effort to assist with repairs and maintenance on your leased property, these are some of the more common requests that we are unable to help with.

    • Landscaping and gardening
    • Intruder alarm systems
    • Installation of swimming pools
    • Building patios or pergolas
    • Telephone supply and connections
    • Installation of cable, satellite or other pay TV services
    • Supply and installation of grills, grids or shutters to windows
    • Some types of pest control

    What does Evolve Housing fix and what do you fix?

    It is important to us at Evolve that the housing we provide is safe, secure and in good repair. We are responsible for maintaining the structure and exterior of the property, and for completing any repairs to a satisfactory standard.

    As a tenant, you are responsible for the cost of repairing any damages to your property or a common area caused by you or by a member of your household. In an emergency or other unforeseen circumstances we will carry out the work and charge you as the tenant.

    It is important to know that not all repairs can be completed on the first visit.

    Tenant damage is the responsibility of the tenant.

    ✔ Fluorescent lights (only)
    ✔ Common Area lights
    ✔ Toilet
    ✔ Stove
    ✔ Locks
    ✔ Drains
    ✔ Doors
    ✔ Taps
    ✔ Shower screens
    ✔ Smoke alarms
    ✔ Basin
    ✔ Boundary fences
    ✔ Clothesline
    ✔ Intercom
    ✔ Pest Control (in first six weeks of occupancy)
    ✔ No power to the property
    ✔ Windows (if not damaged by the tenant or a resident of their household)
    ✔ TV Antenna (in complexes only)
    ✔ Floor coverings
    ✔ Internal and external painting

    ✔ Cost to replace locks or keys if you are locked out of property (including lost or stolen keys)

    ✔ Smashed window/s

    ✔ Holes in walls

    Faulty appliance causing power to trip

    ✔ Blockages to sinks, toilet or drains (even if it’s accidental)

    ✔  Any damages caused by the tenant, your family or friends

    ✔ Clearing gutters to single story dwellings

    ✔ Pest Control (after the first six weeks)

    ✔ TV Antenna (on free standing cottages)

    Read about tenants’ rights and responsibilities for repairs.


    Maintenance FAQs

    Where residents have serious medical problems or a disability, we can often provide additional assistance and make modifications in some instances. Call 1800 MY EVOLVE (1800 693 865) or message us at contact us for more information.

    If you wish to undertake maintenance yourself, then you must apply in writing.

    You should also speak to your Housing Manager who will explain the conditions that residents might have to meet. These conditions can vary depending on the type of work, and who will be completing it. Call 1800 MY EVOLVE (1800 693 865) or message us at contact us for more information.

    Dripping taps are minor repairs and are typically seen to within 4 weeks. If you are concerned about losing water you can place a bucket under the tap to catch the water.

    We prioritise repairs based on urgency – contact us or refer above for some examples. Where the property is unsafe, we will arrange repairs to make the property safe within 24 hours. Examples of a property being unsafe include unable to secure broken front door lock, internal sewer overflow, unable to isolate major water leak, or no power at all to the house.

    Where  important items such as ovens, hot water systems or doors are not working we will schedule this work as a priority. You can expect this work to begin within 3 to 5 days, depending on the severity.

    If a major item such as a kitchen, bathroom, flooring, roof or concrete paths is broken but safe, we may schedule repairs within the next four weeks or these items may be scheduled as part of planned works.

    There are occasions when you may be unsure if something needs repair. If in doubt, contact us.

    If pests such as wasps, or termites are in your property, let us know immediately, and we will assess what needs to be done. This would be assessed as a priority

    If there are other, non-threatening pests in a property, then it is your responsibility to manage them. If you have problems with insects, bees, bugs, rodents, or spiders, you can find supplies at your grocery store that can be helpful to treat your home. Make sure to always follow the manufacturer’s directions when using pest products.

    Evolve completes annual inspections on smoke alarms to ensure they are in good working order. If they begin to beep periodically, please contact us  and we will have a tradesperson inspect and carry out repairs if needed.

    Contact us and we will make a new swipe/key available for you to pick up.

    Evolve supply the necessary swipe/keys at sign up. Additional swipes/keys may be provided at a cost. Contact us to request additional key or swipe cards.

    Before you are able to install an air conditioner if you must have written approval from your Housing Manager and you must agree to some conditions. Contact us for more information.

    Once you receive approval in writing you can arrange for your tradesperson to complete the installation. If you install an air conditioning it is your responsibility to maintain it. We do not provide repairs or maintenance for modifications you have completed yourself.

    The Land and Housing Corporation and Department of Family and Community Services  conduct inspections on properties that we manage, to make sure we are maintaining the standard of these properties. These inspections are to inspect the condition of the building and are not related to your tenancy. Inspections take up to 30 minutes.

    Need more information?