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Thriving communities for all people. 

Our vision is communicated by our purpose and will be achieved through our strategic plan. Watch our video and find out how our Evolve Housing team makes a positive difference with the contribution they make (each and every day) for providing relief to those in housing stress in Australia.

Our purpose

To deliver housing solutions and services that empower people on their journey to greater independence:

  • Providing quality social and affordable housing services and solutions (including for key workers and the homeless)
  • Providing educational, social and resident engagement programs for our residents
  • Community regeneration

We fundamentally believe it’s everyone’s right to a home, somewhere they can feel safe, secure and engage with the community. By providing person centred wrap around housing support solutions our tenants can commence their Journey Home® with a real opportunity to build a better life they can realise their potential as an individual and actively engage within the community delivering sustainable positive social and economic outcomes.

Our health and wellbeing checks demonstrates how social and affordable housing can empower people on their journey to greater independence.

Click below to see our latest infographics that report our health and wellbeing outcomes for our tenants: 

Social housing health and wellbeing report

Affordable housing health and wellbeing report