Evolve Housing is continually working to improve existing properties, and to grow our portfolio of properties to best support the community we serve. Some of our recent projects include:

Church Street, Lidcombe

Lidcombe Rise is an innovative collaboration between Evolve Housing, Housing Australia, the NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) and Billbergia Group.  

Completed in mid 2023, this groundbreaking development delivered 63 social housing units which Evolve Housing manages on behalf of LAHC, 93 affordable housing units owned by Evolve Housing and managed by our profit-for-purpose real estate agency EchoRealty, and 220 private dwellings sold off the plan by Billbergia.  

Lidcombe Rise represents a significant milestone in providing much-needed social, affordable and private market housing in Western Sydney. 

This is the first of three projects with Billbergia, with one located in Arncliffe and the other in West Ryde. 

Dunlop Avenue, Ascot Vale, Melbourne

This project launched Evolve Housing’s presence in Victoria with a new entity, Evolve Housing Vic Limited (EHVL) and is a testament to our commitment to help more Australians in need of a home. 

Completed in early 2023, Dunlop Avenue saw 80 old apartments replaced by 200 modern one, two and three-bedroom apartments. EHVL manages 126 social housing units, as well as all common areas and building maintenance of all 200 dwellings in the complex, comprising 100 social and 100 affordable housing units.  

Merewether Street, Newcastle

This project extends Evolve Housing’s portfolio into the Newcastle CBD, delivering 30 new apartments for affordable tenants, with indoor and multiple rooftop terraces for communal use. Additionally, there will be three new commercial spaces which complement the public spaces created on the old rail line. Four of the apartments will be accessible and SDA registered. This development was completed in mid 2020.

Kantara Road, Canton Beach

This project will deliver 30 fully furnished studio apartments for social and affordable tenants; two of these are accessible, with 3 adaptable for people with disability. This project is our third partnership with Pacific Link Housing and was completed in December 2021. Pacific Link Housing will manage the tenancies.

King Georges Road, Roselands

This project was completed early 2019 and was undertaken in partnership with Pacific Link Housing. It has delivered 26 fully furnished studio apartments for social and affordable tenants including two that are accessible, and eight are adaptable so that they can be modified in the future for people with disability. The development includes both indoor and outdoor communal facilities. Evolve Housing is managing the tenancies.

Clyde Street, Guildford

This project delivers 23 apartments for social and affordable tenants, including four that are accessible for people with disability. This innovative development used off-site modular construction with completed apartment modules craned into position. It also integrated transformational furniture, including fold-down beds, to improve spatial amenity for tenants. Completed in late 2018, this project is part of our vesting commitment to the NSW Government.

Harts Landing, Penrith

This project delivered 268 units, comprising a mix of social, affordable and private dwellings.

Developed alongside private developer PAYCE, Harts Landing also features space for commercial tenancies, including an office for our profit-for-purpose real estate agency EchoRealty.

Evolve Housing retains and manages 14 social and 114 affordable housing units; the Aboriginal Housing Office have purchased 10 units, with Evolve Housing managing these affordable tenancies; and the remaining 130 units have been sold as private dwellings. All apartments are built to the same quality and standard and all residents have equal access to shared facilities.

Talia on Chambers, Woy Woy

Chambers Place is a development of 31 fully furnished apartments for social and affordable tenants, including two that are accessible, and eight that are adaptable for people with disability. Completed in early 2017, the project also includes indoor and rooftop terrace communal spaces. We are particularly proud of this development as it is the first affordable housing development in Woy Woy. The project was the first developed through Evolve Pacific Developments, a partnership between Evolve Housing and Pacific Link Housing in Gosford. Our partner Pacific Link Housing is managing the tenancies.

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