Opportunity Pathways

Are you looking for a job or wanting to improve your current job situation?  We can help!

Opportunity Pathways is a voluntary state wide program that provides support to social housing clients to access employment, training and work opportunities.

By joining Opportunity Pathways, you or your household members can be supported in finding employment and sourcing opportunities to obtain training and qualifications. Even if you already have a job, we may be able to help you keep it or change to a different job that better suits your goals.

Am I eligible to participate in Opportunity Pathways?

If you are aged 17 years and over, you may be eligible to participate if you are:

  • Living in public, community or Aboriginal housing, or a household member
  • Receiving a Rent Choice subsidy, or
  • An approved social housing applicant on the NSW Housing Register and
  • Willing and ready to obtain employment and participate in a training plan

To check if you’re eligible, please feel free to get in touch and we can discuss criteria with you.

What are the benefits of participating in Opportunity Pathways?

Participants have a dedicated case coordinator working with them to create a Training and Employment Housing Plan. The plan will include goals and activities that will assist you to achieve employment matched to your goals and aspirations. Once you are in employment, your case coordinator will continue to support you for a period of time to ensure you retain your employment.

The program can also provide practical financial assistance that can help you in achieving your work goals such as money towards obtaining a license, work tools and transport. You will also have access to attending available workshops and mentoring opportunities that can help with resume writing and developing interview skills.

Where can I find more information?

Call us on 1800 PATH2WORK (1800 728 429) or email pathways@evolvehousing.com.au

View the Opportunity Pathways Factsheet

Download the Opportunity Pathways Application Form and email to pathways@evolvehousing.com.au


Members of the Opportunity Pathways team.

Members of the Opportunity Pathways team.