Quality Urban Design

Creating a home is about so much more than constructing four walls and a roof. Evolve Housing knows the importance of well-designed and functional buildings that are integrated into their surroundings. We work with experienced architects and urban design professionals to make sure that our social and affordable housing developments deliver exceptional accommodation for people to build their lives.

Our developments are designed with functional private outdoor space, and for larger developments we include communal space, including community gardens where possible. We also provide opportunities for social enterprise and activation of the area.

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Sustainable Homes

Evolve Housing strives to create sustainable homes for our residents by investing in eco-friendly technology. Doing this helps us save money, reduces residents’ energy bills and lessens their environmental impact.

Energy Efficiency

Evolve Housing strives to use energy in the most efficient, cost effective and environmentally responsible manner possible. As part of our Energy Management Strategy, we assess the use of technologies, process and practices to improve our energy performance. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • energy efficiency
  • energy conservation
  • energy procurement
  • energy type selection e.g. solar
  • energy demand management
  • efficient building design

Our energy management strategy is embedded into the organisation, not ‘tacked on’ to existing systems or dealt with by one area. We believe that the best outcomes are achieved through a cross-functional process that spans finance, operations and business improvement.

Evolving Green Program

Evolve Housing began implementing the Evolving Green program in May 2017 with the aim of embracing sustainable technology and supporting its low-income residents to reduce their energy bills. By investing in eco-friendly technology, community housing providers can save money, reduce residents’ energy bills, and lessen their environmental impact.

Launching in 2017, Evolving Green has made impressive progress over its three-phase role out. The three main objectives of this project are to reduce energy poverty and inequality, reduce carbon emissions and drive down operating costs of common areas and the corporate office.

Phase One

Phase 1 of Evolving Green delivered upgrades to dwellings including heat pump systems and solar PV system installations to 137 social and affordable housing residences. Collectively, it is delivering total savings to residents and the organisation of $1.27 million over the next decade and 734, 410 kWh of energy – the equivalent of taking 217 cars off the road each year.  

Phase Two

Stage 2 of the Evolving Green program was completed in 2019 and is estimated to be saving 398,930 kWh and $76,070 per annum, reducing CO2 emissions by 395 tonnes per year, which is equivalent to removing approximately 116 cars off the road annually. In this stage of the program, social housing apartment buildings had traditional solar PV systems installed, and a total of 57 residents are benefiting from the upgrades, including the trial of Allume solar sharing technology. 

Phase Three

Evolve Housing is finalising Stage 3 of the program for an additional 120kW of solar power installed on a further 55 dwellings. These installations targeted dwellings with those most in need including disability properties with typically high power demands for support equipment, as well as senior residents more at risk of thermal stress.

It is estimated that the Stage 3 Solar Installation program will generate around 150,000 kWh of energy each year, saving each resident around $650 per year. This stage of the program was able to extend on the trial of Allume solar sharing technology, increasing the benefit to multiple residents.


Other Sustainability Programs

Evolve Housing also participates in programs such as the Western Sydney Heat and Social Housing Project. This collaboration between Evolve Housing, Link Wentworth and Hume Housing (and residents,) as well as Penrith and Hawkesbury councils is funded by DPIE. It is designed to improve tenants resilience to extreme heat through education and information. 

Click here to read more about the Western Sydney Heat and Social Housing project 

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