Dai Le celebrates International Women’s Day with Evolve Housing

Mar 15, 2023 , , , , , , ,

In the spirit of International Women’s Day (IWD), Evolve Housing was honoured to celebrate the special event with Ms Dai Le MP, Independent Member of Fowler. 

Speaking to a group of 60+ Evolve Housing residents, board members and employees, Ms Le shared her incredible life journey after escaping the Vietnam War as a refugee and all the events that helped shape her into the strong, resilient woman she is today

It was wonderful to see so many friendly faces in attendance including some of our amazing female residents, Evolve Housing Board member Davina Rooney as well as Chris Eccles board member of Evolve Housing Vic who joined us online! 

Speaking about her 15-year tenure in politics in relation to IWD, Ms Le said that more needed to be done to make women’s voices heard in Parliament House. 

“Federal Parliament is still predominantly dominated by men,” she said. 

“What you see taking place on the floor of parliament is still very much adversarial… the women that are part of that can’t play any other vivid role other than that role. To make change and make Parliament more inclusive for everybody, the language, the mindset and the interaction has to change”.  

Following on from our Q&A with Ms Le, we all enjoyed a wonderful lunch together focused on celebrating the women in our organisation! 

The theme for #IWD2023 is #EmbraceEquity; it encourages us to talk about why equal opportunities aren’t enough. In life, people start from different places, so true inclusion and belonging calls for equitable actions to shape a fair future for us all. 

We are constantly inspired by all  the amazing women we meet who are our staff, residents, volunteers, and partners.  

Thank you to Ms Dai Le, her team and our wonderful residents and employees who joined us today. We are humbled that you took the time to celebrate International Women’s Day with us!